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  • Do not ignore how to clean the lingerie is correct?
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    Washing machines can be said that our essential household electrical appliances, and equipped with a washing machine, you will find that how to wash clothes is actually a science. Take the lady's underwear, how to wash is correct? Casual and dirty clothes wash together?

    Such casual washing is not only unsanitary, but also cause underwear deformation or bacterial contamination and so happen. Today, I will bring you to wash the underwear when women need to pay attention to the washing and drying, storage points, female friends do not miss.

    Note before washing

    Bra should be cleaned as soon as possible, the longer the stain penetrates the material fiber tissue, the harder it will be to clean. And even if the surface does not see the dirty stains, bra for a period of time must be thoroughly cleaned.

    Washing precautions

    When cleaning your bra, if your hands or laundry tubs are stained with bleach, the bra will change color upon contact, so be careful when washing your clothes.

    Bra after washing did not wash with plenty of water thoroughly, so that excess detergent left in the clothing, the same will make the bra yellow.

    After the sun bra will appear yellow phenomenon. So bra is best to dry in the shade.

    How to dry

    Wet bra to the middle of the cup and cup hang up, avoid hanging on the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

    After washing can not be wrung dry, only dry towel wrapped, squeezed by hand, so towel dry water, the underwear flattened to the original state, so the bust to shape the cup finishing.

    How to store

    Buckle the bra back buckle, the strap into the cup, if it is removable shoulder straps can be placed directly into the cup and stored; and then adjust the shape of the cup to maintain the best shape, then the bra under the banner Folded up after the admission.

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