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  • Underwear Tips: The perfect match of shoulder strap and underwear
    Time:2018/1/23 11:25:35  Browse:

    Underwear is the girl's most intimate companion, is the second layer of beautiful skin of women, and shoulder strap is a beautiful embellishment of beautiful underwear. A beautiful shoulder strap, you can suddenly bring out the feminine fashion and taste, charming and sexy!

    Summer is approaching, MM are revealing charming Xiang Shoulder, coupled with a sophisticated and stylish shoulder strap, will make your fragrant shoulder unlimited glory! The following Tatsu MM for you to introduce several of the most IN underwear straps, so you Fun underwear, a beautiful summer!

    Beautiful wedding with a simple transparent shoulder strap, who said that the United States can not be simple MIX, pure and beautiful to the United States, is absolutely a sweet star Fan children, hot summer, do not forget to point transparent shoulder strap to bring incense The pen oh!

    Metal strap with a striped business bra, with a sense of power of the geometric shape of the metal strap and soft skin line with the direct fit, combination of soft and hard, so that with the sense of coordination arises spontaneously, striped underwear and low-cut evening gown the most effective lining capacity Geometrical shoulder strap.

    Black diamond strap with dress, black always gives a glamorous feeling, but with a bow evening dress, cute without losing affection, completely dilute the sense of distance. Coupled with the visual impact of black and bring the SEX reaction, you are Super Girl in the summer.

    With a metal strap with a black lace bra, with a strong visual effect, shoulder strap irregular patterns with attractive Xiang Shoulder, sweet or sex all under your control.

    Black cloth shoulder strap with black business striped corset, which is one of the most common with, but in the United States to achieve a visual effect of a multiplier effect! Black cloth shoulder strap by many actresses love, such as He Jie, Huang Yali ...

    TPU strap with accessories, with a bow and sequins dot black underwear, sweet, lovely, cordial ... Pure to the United States, you are shining summer sweetheart MM.

    lilymoda double-row diamond metal strap, full of grace gorgeous! The texture of the metal match incense shoulder soft, so that you unlimited shine in the crowd! Beauty is always charming in a flash, femininity is always a woman's gestures, coupled with this section of metal strap, so that a woman more women.

    Of course, the heart-shaped metal strap girls favorite it! Tatsu has a pair, movie star Li Xiaolu in the "struggle" to wear this one myself! I believe this one will make girls put it down!

    Back cross-type shoulder strap, of course, summer MM's favorite! Star diamond accessories, stylish and refined, of course, let you stunning summer.

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