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  • Strap art sense: single row of diamond straps
    Time:2018/1/23 11:27:24  Browse:

    This metal shoulder strap is crafted by the alloy and Czech diamond perfectly. The shoulder strap is inlaid with heart-shaped metal accessories in the back of the strap. The shoulder strap is an active tail chain designed to allow you to freely adjust the length.Banquets, exhibitions, business etiquette and other high-end social networking sites. Metal shoulder straps will not only give you more shoulder points, but also make you outstanding, radiant, full exhibition of women's sexy and charm.

    Use: The hook hanging on the bra, the back of the chain is to adjust the length of the tail of the crayfish can be buckled in the appropriate position, when worn, do not adjust the length too tight, so as not to bend the collapse Off, leaving a finger of space is the most suitable.


    1. Please do not use when placed in a small sealed bag, do not be exposed in the air;

    2. If sweat soaked in summer, please dry with a dry cloth and then stored;

    3. Do not directly contact with chemicals (such as hair spray, perfume, bath liquid, etc.) to prevent corrosion discoloration, loss of luster;

    4. Do not wear during intense exercise and sleep, prevention and treatment of fracture loss;

    5. Sweat or dirt when using a soft cotton cloth, thoroughly dried and then stored;

    6. Avoid prolonged nudity in humid air or intense light;

    7. Bathing or swimming should be removed before the jewelry.

    Shoulder strap and underwear joints 9 alloy buckle design, width 1.7cm stable performance.

    Heart-shaped pendant design, more stylish.

    Crayfish buckle can effectively adjust the length of the tail chain to find the most suitable location for your wear, so wear more beautiful.

    Diamond faceted diamond metal, exquisite and delicate, its wide cutting surface, with good reflective effect.

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