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  • TPU invisible shoulder strap product knowledge introduction!
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    1. Material: TPU, TPU Thermoplastic Urethane abbreviation, the Chinese name for the thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber body, polymer materials, TPU has excellent high tension, high tensile strength,

    Tough and anti-aging characteristics, is a mature environmentally friendly materials, passed the ISO9001 quality certification. It has the incomparable strength of other plastic materials, toughness, wear resistance, cold, oil, anti-aging, weather resistance and other characteristics.

    2. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU according to the molecular structure can be divided into two types of polyester and polyether, according to processing methods can be divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, shoulder strap extrusion grade

    3.TPU shoulder strap features: non-toxic environmental protection (will not produce white garbage), compared with the PVC shoulder strap, buried in the soil for 2-3 years it can be natural decomposition of water. Elastic, breathable and strong. Light, thin, soft trait. 70 degrees to minus minus 35 degrees under the same elastic, according to the thickness of 2 to 6 times pull. Good elasticity, high elongation, low deformation rate, good cold resistance.

    4. Technology: TPU shoulder strap is cooled by high temperature extrusion, TPU extrusion machine. Itself is transparent granular, cooled by high temperature extrusion molding. Thickness and width by the mold adjustment. Our conventional width is between 3MM to 30MM. Thickness between 0.12 and 0.35. Colloidal - drying - high temperature extrusion - cooling

    5. Brand: Germany's BASF, Bayer and domestic high-ko material. Our main use of BASF's raw materials in Germany. Relative to the imported raw materials, the main domestic materials poor elasticity, poor acid and alkali resistance, easy to yellow.

    6.PC transparent plastic buckle, injection molding machine, plastic mold. Japan imported PC material, good transparency, good impact toughness. Pc (polycarbonate), the English name of the PolycarbonatePC injection molding, extrusion, molding, blow molding, thermoforming, printing, bonding, coating and machining, the most important processing method is injection molding. Before forming, it must be pre-dried. The moisture content should be less than 0.02%. The trace moisture will cause white turbidity color, silver wire and air bubbles when processed at high temperature. PC has a considerable capability of forcing high elastic deformation at room temperature. High impact toughness, can be colored. Color PUM, PC material directly add dye, usually dyeing fee 220 yuan / color. Because of the reasons for the pulling force, the strap is often coated with nylon 9 buckle plus plastic 8 buckle combination. Plastic buckle by the pull of 2.3KG, while the nylon bag plastic buckle can support about 3.5KG.

    7. Shoulder Strap Process: Glue - Drying - High Temperature Extrusion - Cooling - TPU Semi-Finished - Unloading - Buttoning - Stamper (High Frequency 150 ° C) - Shears - Packaging

    8. Straps type:

    A. Transparent shoulder strap (HA), extruded through the extrusion machine, natural forming color

    B. Scrub shoulder strap (HB), with the transparent shoulder strap when the temperature is different, the temperature is high transparency, low temperature has become a matte. , Transparent shoulder strap cooling process long, the temperature 190-200

    Degree, matte shoulder strap cooling process is short, the temperature 170-180 degrees. Different levels of rubber gel

    C. Glitter Shoulder Strap (HC): double stitching shoulder strap material pressed together with green onion powder, solid

    D. Powder Shoulder Strap (HD): The double stitching shoulder strap material is pressed into the middle with glitter powder or PVC chip, the sequins are made of BB oil, and this shoulder strap has the making process and TPU characteristics of itself,

    problem. Length limited to 50CM below. MOQ 2000 pairs / section

    E. printing shoulder strap (HG): silk screen made of environmentally friendly, take the stage printing. The cost of the screen, a color of 80 yuan.

    F. hot flower strap (HF): according to the pattern of high temperature powder made. Special attention to this section shoulder strap: Die position need to stay at least 0.5CM empty position, can not be hot. Prevent the mold and powder phase

    Hit, spark (safety), the pressure is not tight. Therefore, hot shoulder strap can not be hot flower flowers, powder is inevitable

    G. Embossed shoulder strap (HI): pressed on the TPU by heating the mold. 2000 pairs / MOQ

    H. Beaded shoulder strap (HT), Strap shoulder strap (HN): double, mainly hand-nailed. (Thread and spandex thread)

    I. embroidery shoulder strap (HR): double, hand embroidery and machine embroidered two. Mainly related to the complexity of the pattern. Hand embroidery labor costs are high, not fine.

    J. Diamond Strap (HJ): Double, diamonds (Acrylic) on shoulder strap. Because by double straps T-shaped diamond stuck at the end of care, easy to loose, can not guarantee 100% can not afford to drill, 1% ratio. Stamper usually flat mold, with other mold printing, material loss higher than 30%

    K. Single onion powder shoulder strap (HK)

    L. colored strap (HY), divided into HAY, HBY, mainly transparent material and matte material difference. High-temperature color, each color MOQ is 50KG, about 12,000 pairs of straps

    M. Strap (HS): TPU (diameter 2MM), a special 8,9 deduction, special model.

    N. Silicone Shoulder Strap (HO): Slitting double layer filling silicone, solid. At present, I Division only 8MM and 10MM wide two. Open mold fee: 200 yuan

    O. Slitting shoulder strap: TPU film by a large cut from the material. Slitting shoulder strap made of cut, shoulder strap on both sides of the more sharp, burr, unlike the extrusion of the shoulder straps out of the smooth side. Can not use the alloy plating buckle and sub-strip material made of straps, galvanized elements and sub-strip material reaction, resulting in mold yellow

    P. Mobil Dragon Shoulder strap (MOBRLO) (HM): made in Japan. Taiwan's imitation than the dragon material. Stretch is good, the response rate is strong, the elongation rate is 50 times higher than the domestic material, 20 times higher than the import. Soft texture, light, thin. At minus 38 degrees and 138 degrees can maintain good flexibility and flexibility. High prices

    Q. Fabric Strap: Nylon (nylon), ultrasonic machine and sewn, MOQ: 3000 pairs / color.

    R. Fancy Shoulder Strap: TPU plus metal parts, cloth strap plus metal parts: retail, high-end

    S. After the strap and ear: The main specifications for the 20,25,30 wide, with special attention to pressure earners must be pressure on both sides, the strap is ear stuck. Otherwise, the pressure is not tight, ears easy to fall off.

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